The Service

Unlimited possibilities, flexibility, and unparalleled customer support to provide our breathtaking access solutions...

Our six step process

At Secret Access we identify opportunities and implement change to ensure that you will go from inaccessible to accessible within a blink of an eye.

Unlimited possibilities

Each of our access solutions are never before seen in the UK, bespoke and are hidden when not in use, not to effect the image of your place. Every solution has various upgrades and defines the new wave of access.

Contact Us

There are many ways to contact us at Secret Access to arrange a free, no obligation consultation. Chat with us to pick a date and time at your convenience.


Once a consultation is set, one of our access surveyors will visit you to evaluate the access problems. This will usually take between 30mins to 60mins.


After measurements of various dimensions have been taken, you will be shown our bespoke access solutions that can accommodate your needs.


Your Secret Access bespoke solution will then be ordered to the highest standard possible, manufactured in central Europe.


When the solution is ready, you will be contacted by one of our technicians to arrange a date for installation. The installation can take anywhere between two hours and three days.


At Secret Access we never just leave you and run, we are here to offer training and continued support.

Secret Access is the right choice for your access problems.