We build accessability

One step at a time..

Our Mission

We are Secret Access and we are a revolution in providing bespoke, hidden and never before seen in the UK, access solutions for inaccessible places. You may think that revolution is a strong word but Secret Access will go that one stage further to redesign the landscape of inaccessible places so they will become a seamless integration of society.

Never say NO

At Secret Access we never want you to turn-away customers because your place is inaccessible. If you have accessibility then you are only increasing your profits, image and customer relationships.

Enjoy knowing there is the right access

If you are someone that requires access to go into a place, our access solutions guarantee that the inaccessible you encountered previously, is now accessible.

A view on access

At Secret Access we are not providing the ordinary products available on the market that claim to provide access to inaccessible places. This is because they are not working.

Nadege S.

Director and Board Member
Nadege leads the new face of access to the inaccessible.
“People are confined to wheelchairs they can’t walk, they can’t run and certainly they can’t climb steps. If a person such as this arrives at a place, a restaurant, shop or café, to find out that it is not accessible, it would feel against every human and moral right to prevent that person from experiencing life in that place at that time.”
Nadege S.
Director and board member