Changing the world one step at a time.....

Hidden Access Solutions

We are proud to unleash the answer to access problems associated to inaccessible places. Our non-intrusive range of accessibility solutions provided by unique patent ramps speak for themselves. Redefining Perspective unlike anything you've ever experienced or seen.

A Step into Access

At Secret Access we do not put solutions that change the look and appearance of a place. We will change your views on access So let's start with videos showing some of our solutions in action...

Redesigning inaccessible places from the inside out

The key trend of how accessibility to the inaccessible is destined to be.

Bespoke Design

All of our innovative solutions are made bespoke accompanied with a service of the highest standards. From the first appointment, where we will discuss the possibility of fitting the right solution, to the installation with one of our technicians, we will always work with you.


Whether you want to keep the look of your place and not disfigure it with a permanent ramp, or you just want to update your current accessibility solution, Secret Access will not only think about what you need, but also focus on your end result i.e what you want,

Unlimited Success

The solution will always be perfect for your requirements, achieving an only positive outcome for your inaccessible place.

Industry-leading attention to detail

Secret Access has redefined the look of conventional modern day accessibility to places. It has become a disruption to the inaccessible.

Fast accomplishment

We will not just enforce one of our solutions on you, because your place such as a café restaurant or shop, is inaccessible. We will not just submerge you in Buzzwords to sell our solutions

A quick reminder

There is no inaccessible place, too big or small for Secret Access. We work with you to make our bespoke, never before seen, hidden when not in use, access solutions; the best choice for you.

With groundbreaking solutions that deliver on access promises and exceeding expectations- even with the bar set high. This truly feels like the future of access.